Changing The World by Changing Me

by Santos Soul



released May 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Santos Soul Asheville, North Carolina

Singer/songwriter lyricist and guitarist Jonathan Santos is rooted in the force of positive change! Reintroducing to the World and on stage as ‘Santos Soul’, his soulful and poetic lyrics in conjunction with his acoustic melodies make for introspective, soothing and soul penetrating music.

He currently resides in Asheville, NC recording a new project w/ full band, works as Artist/organizer
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Track Name: My Mantra
Sensitivity plus awareness equals the opportunity to Change
So today I choose progress, yes, this is my decree

That I never go back and back track, doing what I know is not meant for me,

Shield me from illusions, protect me from distractions, allow me to see what is truly meant for me,

May I learn to love to listen teach and share from the heart All that I've needed has been there from the start

I build on my foundation, I give back from whence I've came,

Honor my present my past and my future, without ego pride of for fame

Persistence determination, the desire to change from within, I've finally forged my purpose, I command my self discipline
Track Name: Melody (an Ode to Hip Hop)
Feel the music, I love this music, heal the music, what happened to this music, love in this music, we need this music, live it, love it, and breath life into the Music

"Bring peace to the breakers, the bombers, good peoples feeling the vibes, respect to the Dj's, MC's, and vendors on the side, se it's bigger than your block we're taking worldwide, our gift to this earth invoke the days when was like..What happened to Peace?...PEACE!
Track Name: Universal Love
No Matter how you say it, it only matters what you do, Love is Universal, and know that someone's loving you,

No matter how you say it, it only matters what you do, each day please take the time, to tell someone I love you,
Track Name: 1st Corinthians 13 Intro/Learn to Love
"I'm gonna learn how to hold you, I'm gonna learn to listen to you, I promise to do right by you, and pray we stay in tune, I'm gonna learn I'm gonna learn yeah, I'm gonna learn, Im gonna learn, I've got to learn.. I'm gonna learn to love you"
Track Name: Transformation
I was seeking transformation, spirit elevation, only I can free me, from this monotony,

I was seeking transformation, Let go of expectations, I'm changing my mentality, to transcend this reality,

I was seeking transformation, and I found my liberation, I learned that I hold the Master Key, to perceive my true identity

Love yourself, Live life, on the first try, you can get it right, love yourself and don't' think twice, you second guess and it's gone in the blink of an eye..I I I I was..
Track Name: Critical Thinking
I'm not this car, I'm not these shoes, I'm not this job
I'm just paying my dues,
I love true people who are spiritually in tune,
strive for holistic living down to the right foods,
they say you are what you eat, who you cling to

Now you don't have to listen, and know I'm not judging you
I'mma keep spittin' as the as the truth flows through

This is Critical Thinking, Are we seriously thinking about the world that we just stepped into?
Track Name: Live Your Dream
So many people live to dream, but so few live their dreams,
Well I've let it all go and I'm leaving, headed for the bright lights, don't you worry about me, find my name in the highlights, right new to destiny cuz..

This Dream is, This dream is, This Dream is My heartbeat

You're ready, I'm Ready, We're ready to Live our Dreams
Track Name: Smile (Safe Travels)
your touch your warmth, your lips, the space in between your kiss, your love empowers me, ain't nothing gonna stop or change this feeling, it will flow for eternity like the line in between the sky and the sea, so when i feel this longing, i'll just close my eyes and sing..

Safe travels and sweet dreams my dear darling,
be well until i see you again
when your'r gone tomorrow never seems to bring the sun,
and the minutes grow for miles, longing for love

but if life were measured in times I could close my eyes and see you smile, then it will be alright
Track Name: Changing The World by Changing Me
"I'm changing the World by Changing ME, I can't change nobody I can only teach

So I'm staying sucka free, no haters no negativity, you can't tax me I'm living soul free,

I'm Changing the World by Changing Me, I can't change nobody I can only teach,

so I'm staying sucka free no haters no negativity, What's inside of you, how's it gonna be?


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